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Ashikebu Rice Harvest

Thank you for visiting. This site chronicles two years of my life spent on a very small island in Southern Japan called Amami Island. I came to Japan in August 2001 as a participant in the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme. I have recently decided to resurrect the site. I've updated everything from September 2002. There aren't many photos as I don't have a digital camera anymore, but there are plenty of journal entries. Enjoy!
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Official site
CLAIR's site

The Real Japan
(Currently my favorite Japan-related website)

Underwater World of Amami Island (click on "Photo gallary" and then "`‚Q‚O‚O‚O" for some fabulous underwater photos)
Amami Island: The Galapagos of the Orient (nice little writeup and all in English)
Setouchi town's homepage (this is my favorite part of Amami--also in English)
Natural Life Mag (Nice writeup on Amami--also conveniently written in English)

Susanna Eng -- Flaky Librarian
Ed Loera -- Wayward Librarian
Lynn McMain -- Librarian
Gage Villere -- defies decription
Jim Bishop -- Texas diplomat to the world

Ike-sensei -- My pottery teacher