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Me and Brother Will-- Xmas 01

Thank you for visiting my site. This site is about my daily life on Amami Island in the Kyushu region of Japan. Hope you enjoy my rantings and ravings. Please come again.

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Official site
CLAIR's site

The Real Japan
(Currently my favorite Japan-related website)

Underwater World of Amami Island (click on "Photo gallary" and then "`‚Q‚O‚O‚O" for some fabulous underwater photos)
Amami Island: The Galapagos of the Orient (nice little writeup and all in English)
Setouchi town's homepage (this is my favorite part of Amami--also in English)
Natural Life Mag (Nice writeup on Amami--also conveniently written in English)

Susanna Eng -- Flaky Librarian
Ed Loera -- Wayward Librarian
Lynn McMain -- Librarian
Gage Villere -- defies decription
Jim Bishop -- Texas diplomat to the world